Mission Statement of Islam

June 3, 2011 2 comments

I have found the Islamic concept of the Niyyat very similar to the concept of the Strategic Management of the modern times. The way I see it, the niyyat would equal to the Mission Statement.

And feel Fiqh should be a lot more Read more…

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American Sniper (2014) – a Muslim’s point of view

February 11, 2015 Leave a comment

Within the first few minutes of the movie it is apparent the whole of it is a propaganda. Its probably most apparent from the dinner table talk that his father gives to Chris and his brother.


He says that the world is divided into three: sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. He advises his children to be like sheepdogs and finish it when someone troubles someone of their kind. And within the next few scenes it is clear Read more…

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Aamir Khan does not do justice in his PK

January 8, 2015 2 comments

There is a lot going on about the controversy of his latest movie the PK.

He has used his fame, the attraction of media to change the world for the better. To remind people that there is only one Lord and the way to Him is not thru the Pundits, the Priests nor the Mullah’s who claim to have direct connection with Him. In essence I think it does a great job.

But probably he does not do justice with the Muslims – he is too soft on us! I am not in a good position to judge the extremities that the Sadhus go to compared to what the Mullahs do but I can surely say that there are a lot of issues with the world of the Islam as well. They are different in nature but without doubt they exist and could have been criticized more. Many of the controversies could have been put to bay if this had been done – may be.

But at the same time I had no ideas that India has temples as big and lavish as shows in the movie – and they are funded by the poor who are looking for a God to solve their issues is a terrible vice – and if this was the only way to bring it to the public so be it. Hope fewer people will dial the wrong number now 🙂

Aamir Khan seems to have done it again

January 2, 2015 Leave a comment

PK is yet another of its kind. I saw Taaraen Zameen Par, 3 idiots and then Satyamev Jayate. I have not seen PeeKay yet but have heard enough to know that he has done it again.

More later.

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Scattered Clouds over New Dubai

December 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Scattered clouds cause some of to remain in Darkness and some to benefit from light. Similarly some of us are in Zulumaat and some are benefiting from the Noor of understanding.



Scattered clouds and the New Dubai skyline in the distance

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Khalil Jaffer on the Philosophy of Creation

October 31, 2014 Leave a comment

I have been struggling to establish that Allah SWT wants us to acquire His Sifhaat (attributes) with little success. But I think this series of lectures does it very very very well.

I highly recommend it: http://youtu.be/GNefnXQWcYY

He has titled the series: The Origin and the Return. It is being recited in the Masumeen Islamic Centre in Brampton, Canada.

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Aamir Khan returns

February 4, 2014 1 comment

Aamir Khan returns

Oh how I am looking forward to Satyamev Jayate’s New Season!

After the success of Dhoom 3 I was sure Aamir will use the popularity for a good cause – he did not let me down 🙂

Ali (AS) was afraid to come out of the house?

July 30, 2013 4 comments

Warrior of Islam Ali ibn Abi Talib allows his son Mohsin to die and wife (daughter of the Prophet) to be fatally injured at the Hands of Omar – Is this really true?

Is it that he had become old and lost his valor and bravery? Or was he so dependent on the Prophet that after he could not fight for his rights? Or is this all a hoax by the Shiite?

Here is what is a quote from http://fatemathegracious.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/burning-of-the-door-martyrdom-of-mohsin-ibn-ali/

Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) held the door tightly with both her hands and prevented them from opening the door. She said, “I implore you for the sake of Allah and for the sake of my father, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)! Leave us alone and return to your homes.”

Umar ordered Qunfuz to bring a whip and strike Janabe Zahra (s.a.) with it. The whip struck her on the hand and left a black mark on it.[8]

Umar then kicked at the door and broke it down.[9] Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) turned her womb away from the door to protect it and shield it from the door. All this while, Umar kept on kicking the door.[10] He crushed Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) with great force between the door and the adjoining wall. She was in so much difficulty that it appeared that she would die there.

This is a list of books that mention this incident with photographs: Burning of Door of Bibi Fatima by Umar

And Ali was inside the house at this timehow could he see this happen and not do anything?

Read more…

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